There is no need for us to hold on to the past , for it done and over , its gone. We can choose to let go of any hurt , anger or resentment that we are holding or we can hold on to it.. what has it given us so far to hold on to it .. more anger , more hurt ,more resentment? We can choose to let go, when we no longer wish to feel all those feelings , we can forgive ourselves and we can start forgiving others who may have brought on these feelings . Forgiving them is not about accepting their behavior or actions , its about allowing ourselves to move on.
When you release yourself from the past you can let go of all the negative experiences and by letting them go you no longer allow them to have any control over you. Be grateful for all the lessons that you have learned through your experiences.

” I make peace with my past and I begin to live in the present moment , which is all there ever is “



When we accept the necessary changes that need to take place in life and when we let go of worry and fear , we grow more beautiful and strong in this life as we are free as a butterfly.

You are a powerful being capable of changing anything in life . When you welcome and embrace healthy changes in your life and by letting go of old habits and practices that no longer serve you any longer .

” My life is unfolding perfectly. I trust myself”

Breathe To Release

Breathing. It’s as simple as that. Or so complex that one can get lost in its simplicity.

Before you continue to read, take a moment  and  close your eyes  .. think back to the time when you felt an intense emotion. Close your eyes… think back …

Did you notice your breath?

Chances are that regardless of the memory being happy or otherwise, if your imagination did justice then you might have either held your breath or taken a long sigh. Or both.

This is what happens, we hold our breath every time, even for a micro second when something uncomfortable comes up. Whenever we see a child fall or when someone misses a step, we are startled… check your breath… yup … we stop breathing, just for that moment.

What is this magical part of us and yet not part of us, voluntary or forever on auto-pilot?

Scientists have long realized that there is a lot more to breathing than mere exchange of gases to oxygenate blood . Disciplines such as Yoga and Meditation now have more practitioners than there ever before.

Breath is a bridge between the mind and the body, between the conscious and the subconscious. Breathing in a particular pattern encourages the energy to flow to different tensed up areas and to their underlying negative emotions. There are countless emotions that we feel all day long, some more intense than others. How do we process all this emotion, most of which we can’t even readily name?

Breathing acts as a silent communicator between the body and the subconscious. Think of it as your personal assistant whose job is to process and file away emotions and relevant thoughts safely in a manner which can be retrieved as needed. Left unchecked, it develops its own filing system that if you do not familiarize yourself with, will result eventually in chaotic feelings and behavior whose source we are often unaware.

This is what we have conditioned ourselves to do. The feelings are there , the emotions are there , we just don’t want to feel them, we are not validating our feelings  that  allow us  to move on , we suppress them , we ignore them and we talk ourselves out of our feelings and by doing so we tend to compound our feelings into our body and hence manifesting into all sorts of physical as well as mental  aliments such as ulcers,  migraines,  heart problems , stress , insomnia ,weight issues, anxiety , fears and phobias  to cite a few .

During  a well-integrated session ,these areas are brought to the surface and released, resulting in a deep sense of inner cleanse on all levels of being; physical , emotional, mental as well as spiritual . Many people experience the sessions as spiritually empowering, Breathwork also stimulates longer brainwaves than normal sleep state. It helps the “breather” into a meditative or transcendent state of consciousness.

Breathwork is an intensely powerful and a safe healing tool that utilizes our breath to emphasize the presence of trauma, giving rise to unexpressed emotions that are bound within the muscular tension. The emotional discharge with full bodily involvement cleanses the slate, so to speak, for a more satisfying and productive life. The therapist encourages and concentrates on supporting whatever is already spontaneously trying to happen. It is a highly subjective process in which no two session are alike, nor do individuals have the same experience.  In fact, often participants will find it challenging describing the experience to the uninitiated.

Once your inner state changes, your external reality follows…


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The Sapphire Sky

Whispers of the souls

enter the maze of mind,

trying to find the way

desperatley trying not to fade away.

Looking up to the heaven,

Searching for answers,

Face bathed in dim moons light

Warm air kisses the skin.

Another whisper finds its way

and slithers up my spine

freezing my flesh for an instant..

Then moves beyond

As the Sapphire Sky spreads

the mind quietens

The ramblings of the whispers become louder and louder

Whispers turn into sounds

sounds into words

The words dance around , enticing me ,inviting me ,

I can only watch in amazement.

Threading dangerously between the two worlds ,

Shutting my eyes, trying to keep myself from falling into the other world.

Sigh escapes my lips,

I look back to my room ,

And walk back into the world of soul less bodies.


Afshan Saeed